An internal program aimed at ensuring balance between male and female staff at all levels. It is also responsible for organizing a number of events, preparing studies and carrying out specialized projects, which aim for supporting the objectives of the Authority in achieving balance between employers and employees, raising productivity levels and achieving a better work life balance.


An initiative aims for promoting positive energy, team spirit and institutional happiness within the work environment. The strategy is designed to support the achievement of the FCSA strategic objectives, nurture a happy institutional environment, happy staff, increase productivity and job progression and opportunity.


The initiative for the documentation, dissemination and sharing of the FCSA knowledge capital through exchanging ideas and experiences, in order to benefit from internal and external experiences to support productivity and achieve objectives.


The innovation team consists of a group of national talents and international experts from various departments of the FCSA, and aims to strengthen and institutionalize the culture of innovation in the authority, and adopt it as a method of thinking for trouble shooting and solution proposition.


The council is considered FCSA's executive arm in terms of issues related to UAE youth in the country. Focusing on investing youth's potential energy to support the FCSA'a vision, the council consist of a group of Emarati staff from various sectors who are under the age of 30 years.


A consulting team consists of a group of experts and consultants from various sectors in the FCSA, applying the work style and methodology of international consulting firms to present solutions and proposals for challenges and complex issues within a short time frame ​​​