​​​Supplier Registration​


Place and Year Of Incorporation*

Legal Entity Form*

UAE Ownership*

Name Of Owners and Partners*

CEO/General Manager*

Post Address*

Email Address*


Communicate With*

Tel No*

Fax No*

Bank Reference*

Bank Name*




Authorized Representative*

Other Information*


Type Of Materials*

Type of Services*

Type Project Contract*

Reg No Of Chamber of Commerce*

Reg Expiry Date*

Licensed Business*

Other Licenses*

Court cases won by the company/establishment*

Lost Court Cases*

Contracts/business currently running with the Department*

Contracts/business currently running with other Departments*

Contracts/business with the Department last 5 years*

Contracts/business with other Departments last 5 years*

Contracts terminated for reasons beyond your control*

Contracts terminated for reasons relate to third parties decisions*

Liquidated damages levied last 5 years.*

ISO certificates granted*

Summary of approve hygiene system in place*

Third party liability Company

Third party liability Policy No

Third party liability Exp On

Third party liability Insured Amount

Personal Accident Company

Personal Accident Policy No

Personal Accident Exp On

Personal Accident Insured Amount

Fire & Perils Company

Fire & Perils Policy No

Fire & Perils Exp On

Fire & Perils Insured Amount

Professional Negligence Cover Company

Professional Negligence Cover Policy No

Professional Negligence Cover Exp On

Professional Negligence Cover Insured Amount

Please attach a copy of the general organization chart, otherwise explain reasons for non attaching it.*


No of permanent workforce and average No of temporary workforce*

Please attach a copy of last 2 years audited accounts (compulsory for public companies), otherwise explain reasons for not attaching*

Operations revenue last 2 years*

Main funding sources (self, long term loans, short term loans, overdraft, etc.)*

Did you make net profit last 5 years (Yes/No)*

Did you pay off profit last 5 years (Yes/No)*

Name of your bankers*

Particulars of principals and supply sources*

Number and location of warehouses and their contents*

Particulars of vehicles and equipment fleet*