The Global Human Capital Report by WEF

The World Economic Forum published its report on ‘Human Capital’ aiming to measure countries’ ability in realizing the potential of their human capital. The Report defines ‘human capital’ as the knowledge and skills people possess that enable them to create value in the global economic system.

The Global Human Capital Index 2017 ranks 130 countries on how well they are developing and deploying their human capital potential on a scale from best to worst across four thematic dimensions: capacity, deployment, development and know-how.

Top 5 Countries
  • 1. Norway

  • 2. Finland

  • 3. Switzerland

  • 4. United States

  • 5. Denmark

UAE in focus (2017)

The UAE is ranked 45th globally and 2nd in MENA and 1st on the Arab region and GCC. The UAE improved 24 positions from (rank 69) in 2016 to (rank 45) this year leading the Arab region and the GCC. On the sub index level, the UAE performed well in Development (rank 19).On an indicator level, the UAE ranked among the top 10 globally in: Secondary enrolment gender gap indicator (rank 1), Quality of education system (rank 10), and Availability of skilled employees (rank 9).

GCC Rankings