“Best Achievement of the National Agenda” category in Mohammad bin Rashid Government Excellence Award


This award is part of the sub-category of the Government Excellence award system, awarded to the entities with the best result in good practices of Planning and Follow-up for the National Agenda under the main criteria of the National Agenda.

Idea of the year


An annual award grated for best innovative idea during a year and consists of nine categories, including “Continuous Improvement” category, which recognizes the effort put constantly upgrading and improving innovation.

UAE Gender Balance Award


This award is dedicated to the best federal entity that supports gender balance. The evaluation is based on three pillars: Decision Making: Ensuring gender equality and balance in women's access to leadership positions. Education and experience: Enhancing women's access to professional and technical fields. Work Environment: effort completed to make the workplace environment more appealing for women.

Happiest Workplace


This award is considered the highest category within The Happiness in the Workplace Award program and is granted to the organization through members of the evaluation committee votes.

Best Employee Engagement Program


This category is for organizations that show excellence in adopting an Employee engagement and inclusiveness program that is based on respect, trust, integrity, two-way commitment and communication between an organization and its employees.

Best Work-Life Balance Program


This category is for organizations that show excellence in promoting work-life balance in the office without compromising productivity or efficiency. Organizations that support its employees to split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives.

FCSA Innovation​​

Project integration of CPI with ICP And the production of purchasing power parities (PPP) at the subnational level

ESCWA has chosen the United Arab Emirates, which is unique in geography, making it a model country for implementing the project on a small scale. Each emirate has administrative autonomy and different demographic and economic characteristics, which is reflected in the size and patterns of consumption in local markets. Emirate. Accordingly, each of the seven emirates can be considered a mini-country. The calculation of purchasing power parity each is a simulation to study the extent to which the project can be implemented on a larger scale in the future. The indicators also provide a precise and reliable reference to the purchasing power of the UAE dirhams in each of the seven emirates

Happiness Survey Frame (combining GIS + admin data for new way to do surveys in the UAE)

A methodology, new to the UAE, for conducting surveys uses geospatial data and frameworks, along with administrative records from federal and local government bodies. Using the innovative technology, survey field staff can carry out distribution and sampling units geographically at the state level, through the office work rather than go down the field at almost no cost (estimated to have saved approx. AED 25 million, compared to traditional methods). The framework designed to international statistical standards.

Remote survey monitoring

The above framework is ‘operationalized’ through a dashboard which allows for remote monitoring of the survey process by stakeholders.

Augmented Reality Wall

Augmented reality app using i-Pad to engage FCSA guests with statistics--by pointing an i-Pad at statistics on a wall pictures and short films about the significant numbers pop up

Data Analytics Dashboard

Innovations in data analytics and visualization to present statistics in novel ways that enable policy makers and other users to interpret the data and see patterns that are difficult to see via traditional data tables

Youth Survey Mobile App

An app to carry out surveys with innovative logic—that modernizes survey methods, expediting survey times and cutting costs

SME classification

A system of clarifying and defining small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE and linking it to international classifications—this led to led to guidelines for implementing SME law

Youth Future Policy Depot

A model that enables for UAE youth to participate in proposing policy ideas via crowdsourcing

Brain Boot Camp—Back End

A platform that powers FCSA’s accelerator model for an innovative approach to work

FCSA Office

FCSA has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in its physical space with the underlying rational to promote different work styles, collaboration and creativity among staff. There are rooms for different moods and themes, as well as a nursery and boxing room. A better workplace is known to foster better social dynamics, more creativity, an increase on production, and improve the quality of life of the ones using it on a daily basis. The office concept includes an off-site warehouse, converted into a meeting space/brainstorm space.

Rebasing CPI

This project re-based the basket of goods and services to calculate the CPI in the UAE, done in collaboration with the MOE and local statistics Centers. ​​​​​​​​​​​​